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Virtual Set – Prodea

The future of filmmaking and commercials, an environment totally covered with LEDs to create an immersive environment for actors and crew. The first Virtual Set is from Turin.

Year: 2022

Customer: Prodea

Tipology: Led Wall

Product: LED

An environment of the future, a mammoth semicircle nearly 7 meters high by a curved length of 38 meters composes the Virtual Set created for Prodea LED Studios in the industrial area of Turin. The Set consists of 1106 LED cabinets with the latest Reciving Cards from Novastar (XR10+) a must-have technology, all managed by 12 controllers. Thanks to the 1.8 definition, the circular wall possesses very high definition and this is essential for the creation of high-quality films and spots Also equipped with a ceiling all made entirely of LEDs that allows to aply the angle of filming, to have correct lights and colors during the filming phase.

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