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Giochi Preziosi – Milan

Merging the physical and digital worlds to bring a great toy store in the Milanese scene into the future.

Year: 2022

Customer: Giochi Preziosi

Tipology: Sound Design, Scent Experience, Multi-media Totems, Led Wall

Product: LCD Screens, Diamond Series, Hologram, LED Floor, Profusion iH, Speakers

With the makeover of the new store on Corso Vercelli in Milan, Giochi Preziosi commissioned us to digitize the spaces and create the toy store of the future. The digitization starts with the creation of a multimedia pathway that begins from the exterior window, where a Portable LedWall displays the latest Giochi Preziosi-branded products with colors and graphics that enchant, so customers head true to the entrance of the Store, where they are greeted by the fragrance misted by our diffusers, immersing them in the enchanted world of the store. Beyond the threshold two Holograms embedded in structures welcome them with playful 3D animations, and it is from here that one enters the Store proper. Spaces decorated in the style of the store integrate LCD Screens showing the store map, useful info, and entertaining videos. Upstairs, an LED touch floor occupies the center of the store, where young and old can have fun and be entertained by walking on it and interacting with the content displayed. The whole experience inside the store is accompanied by background music that also changes according to the area and is played on our music devices.