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DFS – Fondaco dei Tedeschi

From the notes of Italian to international music through the years and different styles of music to make the shopping experience magical.

Year: 2021

Customer: DFS

Tipology: Sound Design

Product: Profusion iH

Located in the Historic Fondaco dei Tedeschi building is one of the largest Venetian Luxury shopping centers under the DFS group. Inside there is an enchanted air designed to make the best possible experience for the customers, part of this experience is created by the music that spreads throughout the palace thanks to our music devices. In addition to the use of our players to play music, we take care of updating a music schedule created ad hoc by a famous Sound Designer, Mattia "Cino" Cerri. With Cino's collaboration we studied a playlist of 600 pieces of music from different genres, from Italian to international music, that could fully reflect the luxurious mood of the Store. Every two months part of the playlist is updated with new tracks in order to give a musical recycling for the regular clientele and to welcome the new ones with new songs.