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Arte 25 “Digital Windows”

The right technology for every glazing, how to make a glass vehicle for messages or simple divider.

Year: 2020

Customer: Leasys

Tipology: Led Wall

Product: Trasparent Film LED

Thanks to the idea of renovating the premises of the Roman HQ of Leasys with innovative technology, we carried out the installation of transparent LED panels on two windows on the 10th floor and a Switch Glass film in a Meeting Room. The two windows have 11 m2 of transparent LEDs that allow them to show corporate content while still maintaining the transparency of the glass without blocking the light and thus darkening the environment. The Switch Glass film, on the other hand, acts as a divider between two rooms; when in action the integrated technology adjusts the liquid crystals to allow viewing through the glass window, while once turned off these are positioned to obscure the wall thus providing privacy to the room.

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