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We are a


focused on the design of Interactive Solutions and Customer Experience.

We use Most Innovative Technology to create Customer Journeys aimed at improving our clients’ environments and structures to retain their consumers



ENM is born, Specializing in Sweepstakes Management, IT Software and VAS Development


Mobile App & Digital Signage Development. UI/UX Advisor & Content Aggregator


Design Boutique, Customer Experience & Digital Signage. Affiliation with MOOMEDIA


Expanding into the wide LED world for Digital Signage & Sensory Marketing.

Last year's


Customers Supported

That we have had the pleasure of being able to help in the development of their Digital Experience


Catalog Products

LED, Scent diffuser, Sound, CMS. Because if you can’t find a way, we have the tools to build one.

400 mq

Transparent LED

Installed for a new way of Advertising, bringing what’s inside out … with transparent screens

We don’t want to be one of the
best companies in the world,
but one of the best companies
for the world

Our commitment to the environment

Easy New Media, an Ecolight consortium, is committed to managing any kind of electronic waste to preserve the Environment.

We involve and support organizations that spontaneously decide to safeguard the environment and dedicate their activities to the development of human capital, the lifeblood of our society.

For companies to be able to meet the new challenges of the contemporary world–from the hybridization of the online physical experience to the adoption of environmentally sustainable practices–new, cross-disciplinary skills and a growing focus on sustainability, the circularity of economies, processes and materials are needed.